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Financially-feasible energy-saving procedures

Altern Ltd was set up to promote and execute sustainable energy solutions within the regional and foreign sector. Today Altern provides services such as energy auditing and implements products such as photovoltaic (PV) systems, LED lighting and combined heat and power (CHP).Read More

Shell reveals new energy efficient vehicle

Oil and gas giant Shell the other day unveiled a dinky prototype vehicle which is loaded with potential, having actually been developed to use 34% less energy than other city models.

The so-called Shell Concept Car, which is not being taken into production, for now, a minimum of, is a three-seater with a turning circle smaller sized than that of a London taxi.Read More

New puffin crossing and energy saving lights set to be installed in Scotgate, Stamford

Energy efficient traffic control will change the current signals at the junction of Scotgate and West Street in Stamford, while a brand-new puffin crossing will also be set up.

The new signals will use LED innovation, which is more energy efficient as it played extra low voltage. It also requires less annual maintenance so decreases ongoing running expenses.Read More